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                      I am making this site just for myself and for the society of this universe. This is based on the fact that every human being has tremendous source of energy in his body and mind. Where is that source and how one can reach to that source? I do research in this field and read a number of books and it took almost ten to fifteen years. But I reached at a very simple fact. It is only RELAXATION, SELF - AWARENESS and MYINTELLECT that is only way to reach your source of energy.
                        Everything and everywhere in universe is made for the purpose of relaxation, continously creating and regenrating itself. When body and mind is relaxed, the intellect is at the peak and does the creativity. It is the different issue that it is a positive or negative. The level of creativity is based on only how deep is the RELAXATION, AND SELF - AWARENESS.. Just see the whole site and find how the intellect works and what is concept of positive and negative creativity.
                        Every human being can benefit from it. Especially the younger generation is in need of it. Who has selected their field or profession? Or who are going to select. This life is must be based on living and earning money for just living. Life must not be based on living for earning money. Living with relax state of mind and do creativity and you became a wonder to this universe. Everything will follow you. So my best wishes to this whole universe.




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