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  1. What is purpose of this site?


            Only purpose of this site Self – Awareness. Self – Awareness is the only important thing in this life. It is said that, “Awareness is like a Sun, When it shine on things, they are just transformed.” In these days, to live life means to live the Stress itself.  There are so Pains, Miseries, Emotional & Health Problems and so many Difficulties. We may pretend that we don’t have any problem, in the real sense every human being is in pain, misery emotional & health problems and have the difficulties in the every sphere of life. Human being has tried everything and everything is failed. He is not out of misery. Now there is no option left. There is only one option and that is the path of Self – Awareness. It has to be applied. I have develop 110 ways to Self –Awareness & 100 Distractions to Self – Awareness and posted on the website. We provide Courses and Counseling on Self – Awareness. We analyzed the personality of individual/s on the basis of Five Elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth for body mind & diet), Traits (For Work – Ability), Behaving Patterns (For Proper Relationships), Needs & Interests and Conscious & Sub – Conscious Mind. After counseling & courses, Self – Awareness increases in many folds. Only then you can decide a best Suitable Profession for your personality, Best Diet plan for your body and Best Way of Living for your life. And then wonders starts happening in your life. Your creativity at the peak. You live with your Total Relaxation, Maturity & Contentment. Your Creative intellect starts working for you and you have your solution to your problems. You can implement your creative intellect in every sphere of your life. You need not to borrow intellect from anybody or any scripture. You have your own creative intellect and you have your own way of living or can call it Myintellect, My Way of Living……………… When you live your life with your own way of living, then the worlds like Boredom, Depression, Stress, Worries, Fatigue, Tiredness having no meaning for you. You are only concerned with the creativity in the work. The more the creativity you do, more the relaxation you have and more the curiosity you have in your work. This is the whole purpose of my site. 


  1. Why is the Need of Ayurveda or Five Elements?


             Ayurveda knows about the basics of Health and Life. It is the oldest way of healthy living. It is almost 5000 years old. It starts from the very basic as from Five Basic Elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth). The balance of these five elements is Health. Health means complete Health of body and mind. It helps the body to become ageless body and helps mind to become timeless mind. Life means complete life of human being in the different stages of age, climate, hardship, sleeping and waking routine, food habits etc. Ayurveda, Pranayama and yoga are inter-connected and the parts of life. This is complete Health Science. This is a total theory and practical of a relaxed life, with relaxed body and relaxed mind. Relaxation is the only result. When you are relaxed, wonders starts happening in your life in the form of creativity and you are going to give the Creative Expressions to every Sphere of your Life.


  1. What is Creativity?


            Creativity is the quality that can bring to any activity. It is the Divine touch, a Loving touch. It is a complete surrender to the activity. It may be any activity as cooking a food, cleaning the floor, bathing, driving, talking, writing a latter, painting, dancing, acting, playing, etc. It is just to become the activity itself. It is that you and the activity are not two. It is not only that you are giving your best; you are giving the total and remains no more. You are not only creative intellect through you. Then this creativity becomes a total relaxation for you, it may be for others. However, you are not bothered about it. You made this world batter than before. You become relax, blissful and joyous.


  1. Is the food and time of really matters?


            Food is the fuel for the body. Body is a biological machine. Body works and changes with time. It works with the Sun. By morning, it is different, by afternoon, evening, at night, it is different. Its pattern of digestion is different. By morning, body is able to digest fruits juices, by afternoon buttermilk and by night pure milk. It functions according to Sun. Right food at right time is really matters.  It slows down the aging process. It provides energy and vitality to the day-to-day activity.


    5. Are Your Courses and Counseling Producing really Great Results?


            It gives you the knowledge of your body & mind and knowledge of food for your body. It revolutionized your life. You will be totally different person as never before. You will know about the concept on which this whole Myintellect is based upon, i.e. “Every human being is having an unlimited source of Energy.” You will have a Direction and your mind starts working in a direction. That Direction will be based on your Self – Nature. After the Courses and Counseling, you will aware much about your Self – nature. You will have your answers to the number of question about yourself and Society. You know your nature, your food, your personality, your ego state and your profession or the way to be in the profession. You are going to become the Master of Yourself.You realize the greatest of the greatest Quote of this era, “I am responsible for everything, I am having in my life”. You will have a really great experience of your life. Life becomes a benediction for you. Only then you can say, it's myintellect my way of living.....



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