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This website is Dedicated to the Welfare of Universal Humanity.  
Any Human Being on this Earth needs,
Only Three Things to Live Life in a Relax way: 

1. Health.

2. Mental Health - Contentment.

3. Skill Set - Thrill.


HEALTH Body - It means Physical Health. Good health is needed for Happy Life. As fuel & servicing is needed for any motor vehicle, Food & Exercise is for body.

Mental Health Contentment – It means how you Perceive Yourself. Every human being is having his own world. If, One is Satisfied in his World. He is Mentally Healthy.


Skill SetThrill – It means gets Fulfillment from Own Skills. Gets the proper Thrill from his Skills; a Nasha of Self.


When you become best, you do creativity that will be remembered in the next thousand years and you feel the total relaxation of your body and mind. We always do creativity. To create means GOD. Life is governed by the principle of creativity. You always create, but so small, not noticeable. But you create definitely. Only the difference in creativity is negative and positive.


Principle: - In life, you are either bored or curious.


 If you are curious, then you will create something positive.

And if you are feeling bored, then you will do negative creativity.


Negative creativity: It destroys the original creativity and has a short life span.


Positive creativity: It creates over original creativity and has long-term life span. It may become a stepping stone for another positive creativity.



The level of creativity is depends upon the state of relaxation of mind. A totally relaxed mind can create wonders. Any Human is having the Greater the level of creativity only implies that he is a Great.

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