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100 Relaxation Techniques


How people get relaxed;
There are very simple methods, everybody uses it daily in their normal routine life, and these are very - very simple. As 
  1. Meditation.
  2. Pranayam.
  3. Yoga.
  4. Listening music.
  5. Sleeping.
  6. Walking.
  7. Swimming.
  8. Doing exercise daily.
  9. Studying Newspaper.
  10. A visit to some near and dear.
  11. Tirath Yatras.
  12. Watching the T.V.
  13. Dancing.
  14. Taking hard drinks like wine, whiskey, beer etc.
  15. Smoking.
  16. Drugs.
  17. Taking a very good food at a particular place.
  18. Gossiping.
  19. Discussion.
  20. Listening to Kirtan Darbar, Sat sang etc.
  21. Watching the movie.
  22. Pornography.
  23. Do sex and/or talk about sex.
  24. Talk about politics.
  25. Talk about world's new invention & growth.
  26. Talk about cars.
  27. Talk about the power of religious Guru’s.
  28. Talk about the modern therapies like yoga, ayurveda, acupressure, acupuncture, homeopathy, foods, and naturopathy.
  29. Listening bhajan, katha on T.V.
  30. Listen the songs.
  31. Watch the songs.
  32. Watching a lengthy serial of large episodes, routinely.
  33. Taking break and tour to other locations, domestic or international.
  34. Playing with the children.
  35. Daily enjoy to play a game daily like football, cricket, badminton, carom, chess etc. (Indoor or outdoor).
  36. Work alcoholic.
  37. Surfing the internet.
  38. Making and receiving e-mail and SMS.
  39. Gossips with friends of opposite sex.
  40. Long phone calls to opposite sex.
  41. Talk about your problems to someone in detail.
  42. Shopping (especially for woman).
  43. Writing a diary about daily events or about oneself.
  44. Talk about the tensions, worries, stresses and depressions of oneself.
  45. Doing sex oral to final or any.
  46. Weeping; a greatest method of relaxation ever invented.
  47. Taking a pill (sleeping or any other).
  48. Busy with too many jobs rather than your primary job.
  49. Doing more than one job at a time for earning.
  50. Hard work.
  51. Find a best technique for hard work.
  52. Watching dreams at night during sleeping.
  53. Day dreaming.
  54. Massage (or self massage).
  55. Taking medicine from Allopathic, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Rekhi, Acupressure, 
  56. Acupuncture, Naturopathy and others (colors, aroma, stones).
  57. Earning money from any source.
  58. Reached at a power position.
  59. Watching and feeling oneself.
  60. By taking hot or cold bath.
  61. Doing creativity in the moment of whatever is doing, any work, job, plan or action.
  62. Purchase a thing that enhances a self-esteem and social status.
  63. Getting in touch with own culture.
  64. To become fan of some game.
  65. To keep a pet with you or at your home.
  66. Having a long-term or short-term purpose in life.
  67. Doing social activities at public places.
  68. Talk about new business plans to earn money and security.
  69. Beautification of yourself; bodily, hairs, clothes, jewelry, shoes etc.
  70. Making each and every part of your house neat and clean.
  71. Making the work place perfectly beautiful, good for health, neat and clean.
  72. Making the car, scooter, bicycle or plane neat and clean.
  73. Making a plan or timetable of your daily routine.
  74. Reading or listening of jokes.
  75. Attached or showing attachment to a powerful idea, ideal, player, film star, politician, religion, region, state, country, sub-continent, earth, and globe.
  76. Attached to own country for a game like cricket, football, tennis etc.
  77. To see a fight between two people or more.
  78. To fight for change something or just fight and speak brutally.
  79. To make people fight around yourself.
  80. To have collection of the obsession like obsession of money, clothes, Jewellery, household items, coins, tickets, bottles etc.
  81. Painting.
  82. Playing music.
  83. Doing adventurous or haphazard things.
  84. Being father or mother beating the children.
  85. Delivering a lecture or preaching.
  86. Making a long phone call to a friend on the topic interest, need, purpose, desire.
  87. Tour & traveling and enjoying party.
  88. Singing.
  89. Reading a book.
  90. Photography.
  91. Cooking.
  92. Taking a walk with someone who focuses on the same purpose as you are.
  93. Being in present, here and now.
  94. Dedicated to a particular field of study – animals, birds, culture, history, geography, plants, science, yoga, astrology etc.
  95. To listen the sound of water.
  96. Taking the swings.
  97. Watching the sky.
  98. Forgiving and to ask forgiveness.
  99. Following the need desire, interest, or purpose.
  100. Self study.
                The only biggest method to Relaxed: Self study.
        Study yourself: I can help you to study yourself, if you are interested to reach your unlimited source of energy, then you must study yourself to fulfill your need, interest, desire, and purpose.
Interest: Human being’s internal feeling to enjoy while doing something.
Purpose: A meaningful deed determined to do by a human being.
Desire:  A wish accompanying with the hard work and a go & get attitude without knowing to achieve something or not.
Need: Without fulfillment, the survival is difficult.
What is the best method to reach the level of Relaxation?
Only one: Self study.
Any other method? Yes, follow your Need
Any other method? Yes, follow your Interest.
Any other method? Yes, follow your Desire.
Any other method? Yes, follow your Purpose.
Any other method? Yes, one hundred you can choose anyone or more.
With the help of these methods one can relax and get in touch with one’s source of energy, one’s
“My intellect.”
 My intellect doing research in the field of Self-study, Nature, Interest, Need, Desire and purpose, which can give you the relaxed way of life. You can it My way of life. My intellect studies everyone as a whole as individual. As a complete Human Being. Human Being is a body and mind. So to select the best field and profession perfectly suited to you.  
This state of your Being is a greatest asset for you. It is only thing that every human being must learn. Everything else will follow this. It is tremendous important for the younger generation. If youth of this globe know their intellect and their field of perfection, they became an asset to themselves and for this beautiful planet: Earth. So the younger generation chooses their field or profession based on their body type, ego state & personality and their way to relax. So their creativity makes wonders on this planet.
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