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Self - Awareness


Self - Awareness means clarity about Yourself as a Human Being: 


Every Human is a Spiritual Being and Biological Machine.


Biological Machine: Every human being is a Biological Machine. The characteristics of the human being are measured. These are measured by a large no. of psychological tools. There are almost thousands of psycho-metric, biometric and psychological tests to measure the capabilities, talents and skills or even emotional make-up of the human being i.e. how much the stress, tension or anxiety one can bear. We have more than 500 of these types of tests available within our organization. How much a human being could able do, is measurable. Whatever is inside a personality, it may be innate or acquired, is measurable. It is there that we can develop the desired or required skills in any human being with psychological techniques. We can replace any part of the human body; it may be arm, leg or even heart. There is a provision to repair these body parts and to make them in a workable state. But there is one thing missing in this biological machine; once it is dead, we can’t make it alive or working again.


Spiritual Being:  Death is a mystery. This is the basic principle of Being Spiritual. When we can’t deny spiritualism, then there are a lot of things hidden inside the human being. Then there is Nature and Natural Laws. These Natural Laws are working Beyond the Logics and Analysis of human Brain. All our findings are falling short in front of these Natural Laws. This is also the way of life. Some of the Mystics are worked over them like – Buddha, Nanak, Krishna, Jesus, Lao Tzu,  Kabir, Shiv, Patanjali, Mahavir, Osho, So Many. These Mystics have developed the paths of Mediations, Yoga, Kirtan, Simran, Dhayan, Pranayama, Satsang, Etc. There are also many Paths to develop yourself spiritually. We have collected more than 500 Techniques, Therapies and Meditations to developing the Spiritual side of Human Being. This is the self – journey to find the Ultimate Happiness, Bliss and Relaxation. In modern psychology, it is called Self – Actualization. In my way it is called Creative intellect or Myintellect – my way of living, where “ I ” is not present. Where the centre is not at “ I ”, Centre is at the “Nature” or at the “Natural Laws”.  This way of living is called the humanistic way of living or my way of living…..


Self Awareness is the Awareness of these Natural Laws inside Yourself. Self Awareness means Awareness of Your Unique Self – Natural Self. It simply means Knowing Yourself.  This is the only way to live life. Otherwise, there is a life misery, nothing else.


Both of the above mentioned approaches are necessary for Self – Awareness;


We have more than 500 Psychological Tests to knowing the biological formation and have collected more than 500 Techniques, Therapies and Meditations to developing the Spiritual side of Human Being. We analyzed the whole personality and develop it with the best suitable Tests, Techniques, Therapies and Mediations. Self Awareness is created to know the Real Thrill of the Life. It must be from the Skills that help you to earn the resources for living and to enjoy the self actualization stage of life. This is what Self Awareness can do for the Human Being. If this happens, nothing left needed or required.


Only Self – Awareness Create Myintellect My way of Living…..



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