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The Products or Services at Myintellect:
Consultation Charges: Rs. 100/-
1. Five Element Test:                                              Rs. 990/-
2. Holland's Personality Types Test
    & Transactional Analysis - Ego States:           Rs. 990/-
3. Dermatolyphics Multiple Intellegence Test:   Rs. 2490/-
4. Needs & Interest Test:                                        Rs. 990/- 
5. Psychometric Tests:                                            Rs. 500/- to Rs 10,000/-
6. Meditation:                                                            Rs 999/-
7. Complete Report (Including All Six Tests):       Rs 5000/-
8. Workshops and Sessions on Self - Awareness:   Free of Cost. (At your Location)
9. Therapies as per the Personality:                           5000/-

10. Food Charts/Food Suggestions: Rs 100/- (Consultation)
                                                        Rs 500/-(One Week) & Rs 1000/-(One Month)      
Food Charts  on the Following:
A. Diabetic.
B. Overweight/Underweight.
C. Cardiac Problems.
D. Kidney Problems.
E. Pre-Natal and Post-Natal.
F. Gastric Diseases.
G. Healthy Growth of Children.
H. Wheat Allergy.
I.  Low/High BP.
J. Hair Fall.
K. Height.
L. Constipation.
M. Weight Loss, etc......
N. Any Food Requirement for the Body or Any illness.


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