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How Stress Coped?




How do a human being cop with a stress?



 There are only two ways to cope up with the Stress:


   1.    Fight.


    2.    Flight.



  1. Fight:To fight with a problem, human being tries to solve the problem or get bigger than the problem. Here are some ways a human being tries to fight:
  1. Face to Face and move into it.
  2. Face with knowledge and hard work.
  3. Rationalize “it” (the Fact).
  4. Strategic back step, plan and then move forward.
  5. Accept Defeat and live with it.
  6. Face till the last breath.
  7. Ignore it and get bigger than the problem.
  8. Move into it with faith on God, religion, self, family, etc.



  1. Flight: To fly from the situation, a human being tries to the following ways to there is a no- problem. Here are some ways human being tries to fly:
  1. Alcohol, drugs, cigarette, sex, gossip, etc
  2. Leave the place of the problem.
  3. Face off; go into the other country and lost there.
  4. Fight with everyone over non- issue.
  5. Get a very serious illness sub- consciously like sugar, BP, heart-attack, nervous breakdown, etc
  6. Work- alcoholic to forget himself and stress.
  7. Indulge in other enjoyable things and play.
  8. Go to a holy place.
  9.  Suicide.

              Some Nasha is needed for living in the society. It may drug or meditation or a love to self or some field of life. Otherwise the survival is not possible as individual. You are going to die sooner or later before death. This Nasha is only thing that makes you survive. This Nasha is not only important, it is a NEED.This Nasha should be of your talent. Talent is not something that you have to develop. It is something that you are born with. Only thing you have to search it within yourself. It is very simple phenomenon. You will definitely find it. When you find it, you become asset to yourself. You find your intellect and your way of living. Your work becomes a play for you. You are just playing and enjoying the relaxation effect. Your mind becomes totally Relax. Whenever the mind becomes relax, it creates the wonders. You become the Master of your being and Master of your profession. You will have the respect for yourself. This society salutes you.



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