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Nasha is Necessary


           Nasha is Needed for Living in Society. It may Drug or Meditation or a Love to Self or Some Purpose of Life. Otherwise, Survival is not Possible. If  You don't have this Nasha, You are going to Die Very Soon Before Death. This Nasha is only thing that Help You to Survive. This Nasha is not only important, it is a Need - The Real Need.


          This Nasha should be of your Talent or Skills. Talent is not something that you have to develop. It is something that you are born with. Only thing you have to search it within yourself. It is very simple phenomenon. You will definitely find it. When you find it, you become asset to yourself. Youi just have to polish it. When you searched it - You find Your Intellect and Your way of Living. Your work becomes a play for you. You are just playing and enjoying the relaxation effect. Your mind becomes Totally Relax. Whenever the mind becomes relax, it creates the wonders. You become the Master of Your Being and Master of Your Profession. This Society Salutes You. You Become ...................................... For Yourself.  


Regular Methods to Take Routine Dose of Nasha are:


1. Mobile Apps - Whatsaap, Facebook, Youtube, internet surfing, etc.

2. Television - Religious kirtan/katha, Serials, Reality shows, News, Cartoons, etc.

3. Small amount of Alcohol, Cigarettes, Pan Masala or small party with Freinds.

4. Small Tours - religious places, Hill Stations, Sea Beaches or Foreign Tours, etc.

5. Family and freinds Get-together, Time Spending with Family to Discuss or just for Fun.


               Otherwise, If the life situations become worse, individual has to adopt the negative methods. Or if the life situations became better, individual will adopt the extravagence life. Both the situations are equally responsible distrub the Balance of Life. Only Self Awareness Could Maintain the Balance. Self Awareness would become the Decisive Factor to Choose the Real Nasha of Life - - -  Nasha of Skills or Talent, that is Discovered with Self - Knowledge. 


That Self - Discovery is called by the Individual - Myintellect My Way of Living.....





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