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            First, you must understand that What is the need of society and individual?
What is the need of society and individual?
    1. What is a Society needed?
    1. What is a human being is needed in society?
Money, Health, Mental Health. 
                        (Health and Mental health for money.)
    1. Do we know anything more than money?
No. Without money everything else is individual phenomenon.
    1. How a quality of standards of human being measured?
With money in society or the capacity to earn money.
    1. What else is required in society other than money?
Only money.
1.      What an individual needed for himself?
Mental peace-relaxation not money.
2.      Is human being anything know about money?
No, not at all. Only what money can bring for mental peace.
3.      What is second preference of human than mental peace?
Physical well- being, health.
4.      Are money matters in front of mental peace, physical well being and health?
No, not at all.
            You may find that there is a difference in the needs of the individuals. This is the basic and the biggest problem of the youngsters. They do not know which way to go - The Direction. They like something else and Society wants something else. It causes the large no. of problems to the individuals. They become drug addicts, or suffered from sugar, B.P., uric acid, heart attack, nervous failure, cancer, etc, etc. They do not find the bridge between what they desire and what is desired from them. They got into the greatest confusion. They do not know the solution. Things become worse and worse day by day……………..
            There can be a bridge between the society and the individual: that bridge is the Self - Awareness.  With Self - Awareness, one awares about his inner strenghts, Skills, and unique abilities. Some of them are aquired with training and some of them are just innate. Then these would be the foundation of the personality. One has to develop them and become expert of his own field or profession or career.
            Some Nasha is needed for living in the society. It may Drug or Meditation or a Love to Self or some field of life. Otherwise the survival is not possible as individual. You are going to die very soon before death. This Nasha is only thing that makes you survive. This Nasha is not only important, it is a Need - The Real Need. This Nasha should be of your Talent or Skills. Talent is not something that you have to develop. It is something that you are born with. Only thing you have to search it within yourself. It is very simple phenomenon. You will definitely find it. When you find it, you become asset to yourself. Youi just have to polish it. When you searched it - You find your intellect and your way of living. Your work becomes a play for you. You are just playing and enjoying the relaxation effect. Your mind becomes Totally Relax. Whenever the mind becomes relax, it creates the wonders. You become the Master of Your Being and Master of Your Profession. This Society Salutes You. You Become ...................................... For Yourself.


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