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The Workshop on Self -Awareness run by www.MYINTELLECT.org are following:
1.       Workshop on Basic Understanding of Self
      Duration:                   Two Day (Saturday & Sunday) – 10:00am to 2:00 pm
      Fees:                         Rs. 1000/-
      Class Size:               10 persons
      Eligibility:                   Any education.
Course content: What is Energy? What is Relaxation? Awareness about the Basic Five Elements, Personality and Behaving Pattern, Best Suitable Profession and that is Myintellect My Way of living..............
1. Career Counseling (By Analysing the Basis of Elements of Body & Mind, Personality Traits, Behaving Patterns, Interest, Principles of Life, Etc.): 500/- to 5000/-

2. Counseling for Students (Negaitve-Creativtiy, Lack of Concentration, Stress, Time Management, Exam Fear, All other Problems, Etc): 1000/-

3. Counselling For Working Professionals ( Non-Compatibility with Job, Stress, Pressure, Issues with Management, Long Working Hours, Etc) : 1000/-

4. Counselling for Businessmen, Housewives and All Others.(To Deal with Day to Day Stress, Anxiety and Depression, Tiredness, Low Energy, Food Habbits, Diet Chart or Diet Management, Relaxation Techniques, Fearfulness,Etc): 1000/-
5. Therapies, Techniques and Meditations: (To Achieve the Highest Peak of the Personality, to Achieve Total Relaxation, Bliss and Ultimate Happiness. Last thing to do in the Life or the only thing to do in Life.) : 5000/- 
Note: One Desrving Student is Free out the Class of Ten Students.
Which includes the following things as:
1.   Best Diet and Food Management.
2.   Best Suitable Profession.
3.   Best Tastes.
4.   Best Way of Relaxation.
5.   Best Behaving Pattern.
6.   Diseases Can Come.
7.   Prefered Seasons.
8.   Best Aroma.
9.   Effects of The Dominant Element on Body and Mind.
10. Charactersitcs & Physical Features.

Based on the Analysis of persoanlity by the following methods:

1. Five Element Analysis.
2. Holland's Trait Theory.
3. Transaction Theory of Eric Brene.
4. Needs & Interests.
5. Concious & Unconcious Mind.
6. Dermatolyphics Multiple Intelligence Test.
7. Psychometric Tests.
8. Psychological Tests.
9. Mediations.
10. Purpose of the Life.

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