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Triphala kayakalp
Triphala kayakalp
“Triphala” an easiest way to get healthy and disease free life.
Triphala is a matchless herbal formulation that has been a gift of ayurveda to this world. Triphala since centuries has been used to cureany kind of disease.
Today we  are keeping  distance from nature due to modern life styles which is resulting to  several diseases  deterioration of body. People  are getting  old at an early stage of life. While in past   people were enjoying long and healthy  life as compared to present. Because they were using pure and adulteration free foods and used to physical  because in that days the life was full of simplicity and natural .
To get rid of  evils of  modern life style, I am going to disclose a secret  for enjoying  along and healthy life free from modern diseases. It is  a treasure of ayurveda i.e. “TRIPHALA”. If a person regularly uses “TRIPHALA” as per the ayurveda norms for more than 12 years, his life will completely be free from all diseases and he will enjoy a long life with full of health, and he will get rid of modern aloepathic medicines and their side effects. Because “TRIPHALA” is miraculous herbal compound, it gives no any side effects on the human body.
TRIPHALA is an Ayurvedic herbal composition consisting of following herbs.
1- Amaliki (Emblica Officinalis) '" In India it is popularly known as Aamla
2- Bibhitiki (Terminnalia bellirica) - In India it is popularly known as Baheda
3- Haritiki (Terminalia chebula) - In India it is popularly known as Harad
These herbs are very commonly  available every where. “TRIPHALA”  can be prepared easily at home. To prepare “TRIPHALA”  these items are made in powder form after removing its middle seed part . These powders are mixed in a ratio of 3:2:1 it means 3 parts of Amaliki, 2 parts of Bibhitiki and 1 part of Haritiki. Keep it in air tight container. It can be used only up to four month after that prepare fresh “TRIPHALA”.
How to use “TRIPHALA”

It is necessary to know the directions for using “TRIPHALA” . It is to be used 0.12 grams per years  according to the age of person using “TRIPHALA”. Suppose a person is of age 50 years he will have to take 0.12X50=6.0 i.e. six grams of TRIPHALA daily in the early morning with normal water on empty stomach  and  do not eat or drink any thing  for one hour. Here it is also indicated  that after taking “TRIPHALA”  there may be  one or two loose motions but not to worry at all because it is normal process. it is not harmful
If “TRIPHALA”  is taken with following combinations then it will give  more better results and it will become more useful.  :-
1-August & September - In these months “TRIPHALA” should be used with sea (Saindha) salt. It should be mixed approximately 1/6th of dose to be taken.
2- October & November - In these months “TRIPHALA”  should be used with sugar. The Sugar should be mixed  approximately 1/6thof dose to be taken.
3- December & January of dose to be taken.
4- February & March - In these months “TRIPHALA” should be used with Landy Pipala (Ficus religiosa) powder. This powder should be mixed approximately 1/6th of dose to be taken.
5- April & May of dose to be taken.
6- June & July- In these months “TRIPHALA”  should be used with Jaggery (Cane Gud). This should be mixed approximately 1/6thof dose to be taken.
- In these months “TRIPHALA” should be used with Honey. The Honey should be mixed approximately 1/6th
- In these months “TRIPHALA” should be used with sontha (dry ginger) powder. This powder should be mixed approximately 1/6th
The person who uses the TRIPHALA in such manner, definitely he enjoys a good health and long life.  It's a sort of KayaKalp of the body.
-After one year of using “TRIPHALA” - It removes fatigue and dullness of the body.
-After two years of using “TRIPHALA”- It removes all type of diseases of the body.
- After three years of using “TRIPHALA”- The eye sight gradually gets increased. 
- After four years of using “TRIPHALA” -The natural glow of the body increases gradually
- After five years of using “TRIPHALA”- The intelligence of the body develops gradually
-After six years of using “TRIPHALA”- The strength of the body increases gradually
-After seven years of using “TRIPHALA”-The hairs gradually becomes black.
-After eight years of using “TRIPHALA”- The ageing effect of the body reduces towards youngish.    
- After nine years of using “TRIPHALA”- The eye sight becomes powerful as it was in younger age.
-After ten years of using “TRIPHALA”- The spiritual power of the body increases gradually.
- After eleven yrs of using “TRIPHALA”- The spiritual and thinking power becomes commendable.
- After twelve yrs of using “TRIPHALA”- The person’s body acquires greatness and holiness.
Moreover as per the opinion of various studies, TRIPHALA has proved very effective in cure of following diseases.

Treatment of Diabetes
Treatment of eye disease
Treatment and nourishment of hairs
Gastrointestinal cleansing
Immune system stimulation
Improvement of digestion
Relief of constipation
Relief of Gas
The studies also suggested that TRIPHALA is very effective Antioxidant, Bacteria Killing and Immune enhancing even it keeps a check on Cholesterol.


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