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100 Reasons to Stress




 100 Main reasons of stress.


As everyone knows that STRESS is a necessary evil. 


                     STRESS is in everything we have to do. It is a pressure on the human being, when he has to do a thing in a proper prescribed and social accepted manner. There is no pressure, when he has to do the thing not in a proper prescribed or socially accepted manner. Proper prescribed means in order with which one can grow physically or mentally. (Like a child learns walking.)


1.        Lack of self awareness.

2.        Lack of self knowledge.

3.          Lack of time to himself.

4.          Lack of knowledge about the principles of Life.

5.          Lack of knowledge about the principle of Detachment.

6.          Lack of knowledge about the principle of Acceptance.

7.          Lack of the capacity to Ignore.

8.          Lack of understanding of your own nature.

9.          Lack of understanding of human nature.

10.      Lack of understanding of your own professional talents and skills.

11.      Lack of understanding of the relationships.

12.      Lack of Positive Mental Attitude.

13.      Lack of the Self - Concept.

14.      Lack of your own physical knowledge.

15.      Lack of the knowledge of about your diet.

16.      Lack of the knowledge of the seasons, where you live.

17.      Lack of knowledge about the management of body temperature in seasons.

18.      Lack of the about how mind works.

19.      Lack of the good sleep.

20.      Lack of the physical exercises.

21.      Lack of vacations in the day to day routine.

22.      Lack of small rests in long hours of working.

23.      Lack of financial backup.

24.      Lack of support system.

25.      Lack of emotional stability.

26.      Lack of constant learning program.

27.      Lack of care selection of regular diet.

28.      Lack of proper work environment and personal space.

29.      Lack of proper relaxation breaks.

30.      Lack of the food and thought digestive system.

31.      Lack of the knowledge that Energy is unlimited in the human body.

32.      Lack of the knowledge that Energy generate automatically inside the mind.

33.      Working without personal interest.

34.      Working without the motivation of money.

35.      Does not having a direct control over work.

36.      Work environment does not allowed your own way of working.

37.      Mismatch of personal ethics with job ethics.

38.      Over pressure of the boss or other supervisors.

39.      Home and office in the same premises.

40.      Mismatch of demanding skills of job with your personal skills.

41.      Work place is too far away from home.

42.      Mentally feeling that economic conditions are not good.

43.      Taking a big loan for the home or car.

44.      Taking a big loan for the job or business.

45.      Disturbance in the family life.

46.      Misunderstanding and miscommunication with the spouse.

47.      Lack of planning in life.

48.      Enjoying more than the need of your basic instincts.

49.      Wearing a dress, which you himself does not like or other don’t like.

50.      Putting very uncomfortable shoes or turban or cap.

51.      Excessive drinking.

52.      Excessive Relaxation.

53.      Excessive sex.

54.      Excessive food.

55.      Excessive intake of tea or coffee.

56.      Excessive gossips with non interested people.

57.      Any excessive wastage of time.

58.      Taking risk of setting a goal, more than the resources.

59.      Taking a risk of purchasing a thing which is more than the money you can    arrange.

60.      Doing commitment more than you can fulfill to anyone.

61.      Not communicating the facts, before making an commitment

62.      Taking over responsibility to complete the things or tasks.

63.      Forget your reality and making a false image of yourself and work accordingly.

64.      Easily got buttered and work according to the wishes of that person.

65.      Being extravagance at shopping or purchasing anything.

66.      Loss of self respect or self image.

67.      When an expected things happens like accident, sharp fall in business.

68.      When projects does not work according to the plan.

69.      When you prepare very hard for something and that does not happen. Like you prepare so long for an IAS exam and you don’t clear it.

70.      When you don’t understand the phases of life. Like when you are at 50 and you could not perform well.

71.      At the time of retirement or in retirement life.

72.      At end of it doesn’t have a purpose in life or the purpose fulfilled or you are not able to fulfill it.

73.      When your faith got disturbed over something.

74.      An unexpected illness or change in body structure i.e. form slim to fat.

75.      Loss of job or income generating facility.

76.      Loss of a good friend or close relative.

77.      The biggest stress is loss of young son.

78.      The other biggest stress is loss of the life partner.

79.      The unexpected results of a prepared or planned effort.

80.      When you are well qualified and you don’t have a job or source of income.

81.      When at the age of adolescence, one can’t understand of life changes.

82.      At the adolescence age, when friends’ does not do as expected.

83.      When you don’t have a love of life.

84.      When you making false imaginations starts living in that world and escaping the reality.

85.      When starts doing the more expenses than earning in the day to day routine..

86.      Not doing your daily exercise (or Prayer), mental and physical health.

87.      Not taking your meals at proper time.

88.      Not going to bed in time.

89.      Not waking up early at a scheduled time.

90.      Not reaching the office in time.

91.      Not having a child or children.

92.      When children leaving the home for studies or job.

93.      When children are getting married and started their new life totally different than your life.

94.      When there is no contact from the chidren for a long time, after they gone for job.

95.      When one get divorced.

96.      When got get divorced with children and have no income.

97.      When in family there is difference in opinions, over anything.

98.      When you unable to say anything in family due to family pressure.

99.      When you done something so wrong or bad, that you could not show your face.

100.  When you could not fulfill a promise or a commitment.

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