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100 Distractions to S - A

100 Distractions to Self – Awareness 


                                     HUMAN BEING IS HAVING AN UNLIMITED SOURCE OF ENERGY.


He can use this energy only when he is utterly relaxed. 


For this total relaxation, one has to be self aware. But there are a lot of distractions of being Self - Aware. Some of them are explained below: 


  1. Excessive use of Mobil Phone.
  2. Alerts at phone or net.
  3. Excessive use of the internet.
  4. Very high Involvement in the work.
  5. Too much gossip.
  6. Watching the television wastefully.
  7. Fights with anyone.
  8. Hatred feeling towards anyone.
  9. Traveling meaninglessly.
  10.  Attending social gatherings like marriages, fairs or exhibitions.
  11.  Taking Knowledge meaninglessly.
  12.  Thoughts about future.
  13.  Resentments of the Past.
  14.  Too much focus on the others.
  15.  Much involvement in the social networking sites.
  16.  Doing totally uninterested work.
  17.  State of Being Indecisiveness.
  18.  Listening to the Songs all the Day.
  19.  Watching Movies and imagine the same for oneself.
  20.  Ego of the self.
  21.  Very high involvement in the materialistic world.
  22.  Laziness.
  23.  UN – meaningful laughter.
  24.  Any kind of Nasha, i.e. Drinking, Smoking or Drugs, etc.
  25.  Very High Listening of Others.
  26.  Taking too many suggestions from everyone.
  27.  Yes man for everyone.
  28.  Taking very high responsibility without caring of self.
  29.  Try to become a Good Human Being.
  30.  Hypocrisy.
  31.  High involvement in Family.
  32.  Imagining himself as someone other.
  33.  Attachments.
  34.  Not acceptance of the Reality.
  35.  Always try to Pretend that he know.
  36.  Not being sincere in the real life situations.
  37.  Do not taking the responsibility of one’s mistake.
  38.  Always try to put responsibility of one’s mistake to others.
  39.  Much involvement in sexually explicit behaviors.
  40.  Much involvement in discussion about sex with oneself or others.
  41.  Much involvement in pornography. 
  42.  Do not taking care of Physical Health.
  43.  Do not taking care of Mental Health.
  44. Don’t Learning from the Experience.
  45.  Dependency.
  46.  Lack of Freedom in life.
  47.  Lack of Independence in life.
  48.  Lack of Playfulness in life.
  49.  Lack of Free Time.
  50.  Lack of Personal Space.
  51.  Lack of Financial Resources.
  52.  Too much monitoring and supervision of others.
  53. Too much involvement in the daily routine.
  54. Much involvement in the mundane things regularly.
  55. Not analyzing the opportunities in the other fields of professions.
  56. Old perceptions of the family.
  57.  No awareness about the Basic Principles of Life.
  58.  Religion.
  59.  Caste system of India.
  60.  The old value system of the society.
  61.  No encouragement or motivation for Personal Understanding.
  62.  Unknown about the events happened in the world.
  63.  Lack of computer knowledge.
  64.  Lack of the knowledge about the human behaviour.
  65.  Lack of Personal Education Programme.
  66.  Lack of understanding about the society and social events.
  67.  Lack of knowledge about the Behavioral Sciences.
  68.  The School Education System.
  69.  The Tuition Work after the school.
  70.  The Collage Education System.
  71.  The Entrance Exams/ Tests.
  72.  The high end facilities at the job.
  73.  Too much working hours at the job.
  74.  No focus on the Development of Interest.
  75.  Listening or watching very high imaginative stories like cartoons.
  76.  Discussion about the things, which is unimportant and unconcerned to anyone.
  77.  Very high involvement in video games or mobile games.
  78.  Very high involvement in the lengthy serials on the television.
  79.  Not sleeping properly at night.
  80.  To leave everything unfinished.
  81.  Not having a proper mentor.
  82.  No experience of the real hard workers of life. 
  83.  Low or no self – respect.
  84.  No self – concept.
  85.  No proper system of the family.
  86.  A very protective environment at family.
  87.  Too much care from the family.
  88.  No troubles, problems or worries in life.
  89.  No Stress in life.
  90.  No failure in life.
  91.  No risk taking capacity in life.
  92.  Not taking feedback from the happening of life and not analyzing them.
  93.  Not working on the new or out of box opportunities.
  94.  Not known the fact that Every Human Being has an unlimited source of Energy.
  95.  Negative feelings about oneself.
  96.  Lack of Struggle.
  97.  Lack of the perfection achieving attitude.
  98.  Lack of self – confidence.
  99. Never try to use the Myintellect.(One’s creative intelligence or one’s uniqueness.)
  100.  Lack of Awareness about self.


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