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100 Ways to Save Energy

100 ways to save your energy. 


          On the whole there is only one thing which makes me on this path and i.e. energy. Every human being has enormous amount of energy inside. I just wonder that where that energy is. How one can use that energy. The most importantly, how one can reach to that energy inside. How one can be in touch with that energy. To reach, to the source of that energy one has to follow the myintellect my way of life. 

          But until you reach to the myintellect, you must save your energy. Or save it for the real purpose of your life. You must have to follow the small relaxation methods of generate the energy inside yourself, until you find your unlimited source of energy. You must be save yourself from your own energy. Because this must be used in the creativity, otherwise it will destroy you from inside. 

Let’s discuss some techniques to save your energy in your day to day life: 

  1. Take a deep breathe.
  2. Just close your eyes and listen to the nature.
  3. Just be inside yourself.
  4. Don’t do what you don’t want to do.
  5. Do what you want to do.
  6. Fill yourself with relaxation.
  7. Never fill yourself with hate.
  8. Take a very good sleep.
  9. Take a sleep in a good posture.
  10.  Do Nabarda meditation before sleep.
  11.  Sleeping environment must be comfortable neither too cold nor too hot.
  12.  The sleeping bed neither too soft nor too hard.
  13.  The pillow must be very matching to head and body, never too big.
  14.  Wake up early in the morning and watch the sun.
  15.  Do walking in the morning.
  16.  Do Pranayama, yoga or meditation in the morning.
  17.  Do walking just after the dinner for 1000 steps slowly.
  18.  Take plenty of fresh water.
  19.  Take a good breakfast, lunch and dinner according to your need.
  20.  Take milk by noon.
  21.  Take green tea once in a day.
  22.  Don’t take too much food in the day; always eat with space in stomach.
  23.  Don’t exercise between 10am to 4pm.
  24.  Take a full body oil massage once in a week.
  25.  Take head, ear, and foot massage daily.
  26.  Just find out your most dominant element and live the life accordingly.
  27.  Just find out how seasons affect your day to day life.
  28.  Just find out how sun affects the activities in the whole day.
  29.  Just find out how your age affects the day to day activities.
  30.  Plan before doing everything.
  31.  Take a proper feedback form every action.
  32.  Make a list of important and urgent activities of your life.
  33.  Never focus on the unimportant things.
  34.  Learn the basic principles of life.
  35.  Try to do everything according to you.
  36.  Also try to cooperate according to you.
  37.  Make a trust worthy friend circle of a very few people.
  38.  Make a daily routine according to you.
  39.  Take a just 20 minute nap after the lunch.
  40.  Take a time table for a week and try to accomplish it.
  41.  Do relaxing activities many times a day like walking, stretching, etc.
  42.  Take small sips of water many times a day.
  43.  Don’t fight with any body.
  44.  Don’t get in argumentation with anybody.
  45.  Don’t be too much talkative.
  46.  Don’t be get in others work.
  47.  Just find out your two hours, when your temperature down by 2 degree Celsius, at that   time you must sleep.
  48.  Sit properly in a very good and comfortable posture.
  49.  Do Pranayama techniques in the whole day.
  50.  Don’t do excessive physical exertion in the sun.
  51.  Don’t do excessive mental exertion on mundane things.
  52.  Put on the comfortable clothes.
  53.  Just put on the proper fitting pair of shoes.
  54.  Just put on the very relaxing under garments.
  55.  Enjoy the shower and the bathing.
  56.  Avoid the haphazardness in your work environment.
  57.  Avoid the haphazardness in your sleeping room.
  58.  Always keep your environment neat and clean.
  59.  Maintain the cooperativeness and fairness in the environment.
  60.  Make a pending list, clear it day by day.
  61.  Let your mind to prepare for win – win situation.
  62.  Always try to forgive yourself and asking for the forgiveness from others at least in the mind, if not in reality.
  63.  Plan a vacation after three months for at least one to three days.
  64.  Don’t watch television uselessly or unknowingly.
  65.  Don’t read the newspaper uselessly or unknowingly.
  66.  Don’t take too much hard drink.
  67.  Don’t waste your time in detail description of the things, just uncover the topic, people will understand it. 
  68.  Avoid the extreme conditions of summer, winter, air, rainy or autumn.
  69.  Let’s choose the work which suits to your nature, personality and the element.
  70.  Take a side step from the disturbing factors like people, situations, etc.
  71.  Just start your work early, to avoid the urgency.
  72.  Just reach to your work place at very early as soon as you can.
  73.  Let try to leave your work place after completing or to make the things to        a point.
  74.  Never leave your work place, when work is in between.
  75.  Make a system that can run without you at least for some days.
  76.  Give time to the family to communicate every problem with each other.
  77.  Give a proper direction to your kids.
  78.  Let your kids to decide just uncover the whole situation in front of them.
  79.  Let your kids and your near and dear to learn with experience, under your silent supervision.
  80.  Let make your kids responsible for their work.
  81.  Don’t involve in the problem deeply, let involve others also and make collective decision.
  82.  Never criticize anybody.
  83.  Just develop a habit of listening for proper understanding of other.
  84.  Speak as much less as you can.
  85.  Use non – verbal language and facial expressions.
  86.  Use the mobile very purposefully and don’t waste time on it.
  87.  Never be resentful of the past deeds just learn a lesson from them and forget them or ignore them.
  88.  Never speak a lie; it is very heavy and difficult to keep going with it.
  89.  Accept the mistakes and try to rectify them.
  90.  Learn new skills to work and to live.
  91.  Learn the best relaxation technique for you.
  92.  Have fun and easeness in the all the activities of life, being sincere.
  93.  Never get angry. It consumes very large amount of energy.
  94.  Never get jealous, just keep focus on your strengths.
  95.  Never focus on your weakness.
  96.  Just analyze your recourses and properly utilize them and their energy.
  97.  Keep all your recourses in a proper workable position.
  98.  Just fulfill your needs physical, mental and spiritual.
  99.  Just follow your interest and it will give you energy.
  100. Just find your Myintellect and your way of living.
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