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110 Day to Day Techniques to Self-Awareness


110 Techniques for Self – Awareness 


               The most important thing is self – Awareness. If someone is self, only he can relax in the long run and have an access to his energy.  He can work for his self actualization. He can do the creativity in his field of interest. That will give satisfaction and contentment to him and it is beneficial to the society at large.


  1. Being Awareness of self on the whole as Who am I?


  1. Awareness of the Basic Physical Needs: Eat, sleep, and take care of your bodily needs, provide for clothing, shelter, comfort, be free from pain. Need to stay alive! Biological and cultural imperatives to live. Includes having enough healthy food, air, and water to survive


  1. Awareness of Social Needs: Work, save for future, improve skills and talents, be responsible, and want an organized predictable world. Need to be safe from physical and psychological harm in the present and future, and trust in a predictable future.


  1. Awareness of Family Needs: Join and be active in clubs and groups, be able to talk to others, contribute to society, marry and have a family. Need to be loved and to love. Includes the desire for affection and belonging.


  1. Awareness of Esteem Needs: Display your talents and skills, have self-confidence, appreciate attention and recognition from others. Need for reputation, prestige, and recognition from others. Contains the desire to feel important, strong and significant.


  1. Awareness of self Actualization Needs: Be a self-starter, have enthusiasm, be creative, be dedicated, enjoy challenges, love to accomplish results against himself. Need for self-fulfillment. Desire to realize your full potential and become the best you are capable of becoming.


  1. Always Respect yourself.


  1. Always Love yourself in any way.


  1. Always forgive yourself: When you forgive yourself, you will not the repeat the same mistake. Just forgive yourself with full of Love and respect to yourself. It will make you intelligent and mature. As just sit in a comfortable position and repeat in mind, “I forgive myself. I forgive myself.”


  1. Always try to ask for the forgiveness from others, if you hurt anybody in any way. just ask it mentally. As after the whole day or in the morning, sit in comfortable position and repeat in mind, “I am asking for your forgiveness, I am asking for your forgiveness”.


  1. Always Save Time for work you want to do.


  1. Always Save your Energy for the work you want to do.


  1.  Select a Work: Select a Work for yourself that you want to do even at the time of Death: With Personal Analysis by the Personality Tests, Dominant Element, Ego States, Traits, Interests, Desires, Purposes and Needs and the relaxation technique used routinely by you. It is very – very important for you. Because now a days, we are living in a money economy. Money is required for the fulfillment of every kind of needs. Work is necessary for you to fulfill all of the Needs like physical, mental, spiritual, financial, family, social, esteem and creativity. So it is very necessary to select the work very carefully, it is the one thing that will take your all of the time, energy and resources of life.


  1. There is an acceptance of the greatest concept of all time that, “I am responsible for everything happens to me.”


  1. There is need of the Personal Space.


  1. There is a need to Control over the day to day activities.


  1.  There is need of Challenges to your ability in the work.


  1.  There is also a need of Struggle in the work like long working hours or hard work etc in the life.


  1.  You must Believe in Yourself.


  1.  You must be Sincere and Active towards you and your life.


  1.  After complete self analysis, make your pure Desire/s. Just make your, these type of desires after long thought process, because pure desires are always fulfilled.


  1.  Set a short term and long Goals, it may be from one day to one week to month to one year to ten year to one life.


  1.  Set a Purpose for your life. It is very important because it is only the Purpose that will be with you all day and night.


  1. Always try to create the Win – Win situation. It is the attitude of creating win – win situation that increases initiation and cooperation and make your mind free from the feelings of resentment, hate, jealous, false ego or anger.


  1. Understand the Basic Principles of Life. These principles are the base of every religion of the world. These are honesty, hard work, fairness, cooperation, gratefulness, thankfulness, braveness, sacrifice, etc.


  1.  There must be a sense of Independence. Because it is only the independent persons that can cooperate in form of interdependence of each other.


  1. There must be Playfulness in the Life.


  1. There must be the understanding of The Principle of Right or Wrong. Everything in this world is not right or not wrong, not good or not bad, not positive or not negative, not best or not worse, not up or not down. It is only the situations that make the things right or wrong.


  1. Proper Understanding of Human Behaviour. Because unless you don’t have the proper understanding of human behaviour, you can’t know about the emotions of the human being. For controlling or directing the emotion that understanding is must.


  1. Just analyze yourself through Zohri’s windows. It has four zones as explained below as first, (open area) known to me and known by others. Second, (blind area) not known to me but known by others. Third, (hidden area) known to me, but not known by others and the fourth, is (unknown area) that is not known to me and also not known by others also. It is the best method to about yourself and about strengths of the personality. The more you are operating in the open area, the more comfortably you can grow or fulfill your any kind of needs.             


  1. At the time of Problems or Threats to your personality or to your image, you are more likely to be self aware about your strengths and weakness, about your talents and abilities.


  1. When you a Personal Time for yourself to analyze yourself in the life situations, that is a very useful for self – awareness, because only then you what is really happening to you and how you have respond and how you should respond in that situation. It may be at your home or at the vacation or at particular place (you decide). It is very –very important.


  1. When you are at a place of personal time, if there is very Personal Friends or Mentor with you, who just listen to you, helps you to reach at a conclusion and make the things more clearly to you. So that you can learn something about yourself and about the situation and about other and make the changes in your behaviour and reach to a decision. It is very – very good for self awareness.


  1. Daily Long Walk alone in the morning or in the evening.


  1. Meditation. There are 112 techniques given Lord Shiva. Almost 50 techniques by Lord Buddha and numerous techniques by other Enlightened Masters.


  1. Pranayama or long breathing exercises.


  1. Listening Instrumental Music, which is very soothing to the mind and you, can relax.


  1. Religions, all the religions in the world have only one very important task and that is to make the followers self – aware. Because all religions believe that there is God inside every human being and that can be achieved with self – awareness.


  1. If you have any kind of Interest, it may be any, just focus and made all the investments of energy, time, hard work or your intellect to develop that interest. This whole process makes you self – aware.


  1. Just Complete whatever you start, this habit increases the self – awareness.


  1. Follow a Proper Continuous Education System, about self, relationships, society, principles, values, beliefs, which makes you self – aware regularly.


  1. Follow a proper Relaxation Technique to relax yourself. It is first necessary step to start the process of self – awareness.


  1. Be a Witness of yourself – your body, your mind, your thoughts, your emotions or your feelings. With the help of witnessing, you will reach to a comfortable position of everything.


  1. Write your Daily Diary. It makes your confession of everyday events in front of you and by and by you will be aware of yourself.


  1. Just feel very analytically around your environment and find out the original and real things and make an Acceptance of everything. First accept yourself or the situation in original and real, only then the improvement can starts.


  1. Let yourself Detach from everything as Death will detach you from everything and see all of the things from other angle. It will increase the self awareness. It is the principle of Detachment.


  1.  When you know that you are in a particular profession and you need to develop a particular type of Skills or Talents to achieve results in that profession. So learn those skills and talents and practice them. That is why it is common saying, “Talent needs no Security.


  1. Just develop the Attitude of Gratitude.


  1. Always remember one Principle in life and that is, “There is no free lunch.” This will make you understand that you have to pay for everything in life.


  1. Live you life Principles Centered, not as a money centered or self centered or spouse centered or pleasure centered or enemy centered or profession centered or friends centered. The real happiness is only come and be persistent up to the by being Principle centered.


  1. Don’t give unless you have an overflow. If you give anything without overflow, it will attach strings and you get attached with that. If you really want to give, just give and forget, and be free.


  1. Just understand your Fears. It’s the fear, which is responsible for the large part of your life. The most valuable resources are wasted just because of Fear.


  1. Stress is a necessary evil. Understand it and use it. It is very much valuable for self – awareness.


  1. Your understanding about the Five Elements of in human body, human mind, and in the environment. It makes you aware about the relationship of human being with his environment.


  1. Just know your Diet and Food, which is also very much useful in the maintaining of healthy body and mind. Because it is perceived in the Ayurveda that, “one man’s food is other man’s poison.”


  1. Work on your Strengths first and improve upon your weakness. This is the only to grow in life. If you always focus on your weakness and weakness of the system around you, you will become critic, but you can’t grow. For growth build on the positive or on the strengths.


  1. Always increase you Capacity to Ignore the un – urgent and un – important. Because these things will consume all of your energy and time. Always remember that there is a limited time for everyone and everything.


  1. Try with full of your effort or because of the excitement of work, to Focus on the Important things in your life. The more you can able to focus on your important things or urgent things in life, the more your prospects to grow.


  1. Always be in the comfortable position and try Giving your Best every time in your field of chosen profession or work. Always remember that this whole world is a Play of Nature, so be comfortable.


  1. Let your Subconscious Mind to Work for you. This could be the Lines if you these lines many times a day, it can work wonders for you and able channelize  your  energy. These lines are, “Day by day, in any way, I am getting better and better.” Or “By day in day out, I am getting better and better in every field of my life.”


  1. Just Be with the Masters. Watch very closely how they work and manage the day to day activities. What is their life style? How much time and hard work they invest in their field. How much practice they have done to improve their already improved skills.


  1. Just Enjoy too Deeply to any of the activity of your interest. It will gives you feeling of deepest depth and the highest height of the creativity can be done in any field and the effect that activity can made the society and in that particular field.


  1. Use your Education in the Real Life Situations. It is believed that the education used by the students in the real life is just less than 5 percent of the total education. It is necessary to apply your education in the real life situations.


  1. Think out of the Box. Every body is surrounded by an environment, which create and fulfill the needs of the individual. Some people even never know in their whole life about there real needs. The fulfillment of those needs is totally different issue. So, just think out of the box.


  1. Just take a World Tour and live the people of different cultures and understand their culture, values and beliefs in their way. It is a greatest method to know and understand your culture, values and beliefs and also it effect on yourself.


  1. Always follow the Local Science. Because the nature always produce the remedies of the problem in its environment. E.g. when the summer becomes too hot, nature will produce the fruits like lychee that beat the summer.


  1. The Capacity to Bounce Back. It is a very necessary thing to relax yourself after every downfall or defeat. Almost every day there is a series of activities, some of them give us positive boost and some give us negative fall. It is must be your system to tackle that negative fall in a positive way. That system can be developed by understanding your nature and knowing the pattern how to put yourself in ease and regaining your energy to work again perfectly.


  1. Always be in present moment. It always remembers a fact that Only Now Exists, neither past nor future. There is always here and Now. Always remember the other fact that, “this moment is as it should be.” It is never there and then. So, be in present moment always.


  1. Always knows a fact that there is always a Constant Flow of Time, it is a constant flow. It never stops in past nor in future or in present. It is flowing constantly. So everything good or bad, opportunities and threats (or problems), will flow. Time is makes you able to forget anything. It will fill all the wounds with a passage of time.


  1. Just Make Yourself Free from the Past. If you are taking the burden of past in your mind, you will never be relax. Until you are relaxed, you will never be self – aware. Do the Mystic Rose meditation or apply some other techniques to free yourself from the past. It is very necessary to grow in self – aware.


  1. Never Indulge in the Thoughts of Future. Because the imagination of future, put your whole energy in the thoughts. And in thoughts you can imagine anything suits perfectly to you. But the reality will never be same as the thoughts. In thoughts you imagine Aishwarya Rai is so beautiful, and will have the nature and habits which suits to you perfectly, but in reality it will never be, she may the nature that you dislike the most. Always try to face reality and discards the imaginative thoughts of future.


  1.   Accept the Reality. Perfection is a very good habit, but to achieve the perfection in way which disturbs your mental balance is not the system. First make your own system to achieve perfection after analyzing the complete realistic situation. Acceptance of reality helps you to do the proper preparations to face the situation.


  1. Listen to your Body. When you wake early in the morning. The first ten minutes your body gives you the true picture of complete body, where is the pain, tiredness, aches or uneasiness. Just listen to your for that first ten minutes, just after the wake – up. It is very necessary to maintain a good health.


  1. Listen to your Mind. After having a good workout in gym, after Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga listen to your mind choicelessly for twenty minutes, what it is try to say?  Just listen. It will help you to maintain a healthy mind. It will tell what should be your direction in life and what could be the best possible solution of your problem and much more, just listen.


  1. Listen to your Children. Children are very true and simple. They don’t know anything about false praise. Just listen and try to take the feedback from them. They will tell you the real things about you.


  1. Just analyze What Is? It means that be in the present situation and analyze the situation and find What is in this situation and What is original n conclusive in this situation. What is for you in this situation? This is the whole principle of What is?


  1. Just Make Convinced Yourself. If you are convinced to an idea totally, only then you can present, represent or convince some one to that idea. It is a rule that if you convinced, only then you can convince someone else to that idea. As Aamir convince himself that he can become an action hero and perfectly perform in the movie like Ghajini.


  1. Do Experiments. Just do experiments with yourself. There is nothing to be worried. If you loose some thing, doesn’t matter, because you gain the experience from that and experience is most powerful method of learning. Once learning happens, it will change your behaviour towards relaxed life and your way of life.



  1. Find The Inner Blocks in Your Mind. Almost everyone is having the inner blocks in the mind. These blocks don’t allow your energy to flow. You can’t move further in life and caught in circle and wasting your energy. First find out those blocks and heal them, only then you can move.


  1. Transcend the Dichotomy. When you are in any situation of the life, you have two or more paths to move of equal importance. Select the best path with help of inner voice and from the analysis of mind. When you start transcends this dichotomy, you can move towards the path, which can give you constant relaxation throughout the life. It may be the path you select is a full of hard work and difficult, in the long run, you will be the winner and continuous to be.


  1. What is your Real Motivation? Just find out that what moves you. It is quest of Knowledge, Power, Money, Name, Fame or any thing else. It would be the well known to you, what is your real motivation.


  1. How do you Want to Relate Yourself to Others? It is very important factor to clear in your mind that how you want relate yourself to others. Do you want to relate with others as friendly, achievement oriented, charitable, technical, work oriented, social, reserve, and open or anything else. It must totally clear in your mind; it will save you from disappointment, when you reach at end.


  1. What is Your Self – Concept? Self concept means how you see yourself. Just made a self concept about yourself put your energy to prove that. See yourself is very important, there is a saying, “A person becomes, what he thinks.” So first made a proper self concept for yourself.


  1. Follow your Passion. Just follow your passion in life. When you put your whole energy in one side and follow a path. Then you can aware about yourself.


  1. When you do anything, it is very rare that the activity is produces the no effect or neutral effect on your emotions. Otherwise after ever activity, you will feel the height or the depth of your emotions, either you shall become happy or become sad.  To avoid this you to follow the Principle as, “To Take the Middle Path”. Not to feel very high on your achievement and not to feel very low on your failure. Just take the middle path of your being. Not to be very happy or sad, just be neutral or rational. It will increase your self awareness.


  1. Use of words. It is very simple method of self awareness. Just listen to your own words. You shall be surprised to listen the language and the words you are using. Words are very powerful symbols. Ask yourself, why you are using these words; it will increase your self awareness.


  1. Implied and imbedded agreement to beliefs. When you have listened your words and analyzing the thought behind those worlds, you will find the implied and imbedded agreement of your thoughts to your beliefs. With this method you will become aware of your belief system that was unconsciously developed in your mind.


  1. Emotional Eating. Just watch yourself while eating the food. You will feel that a very large no. of time you eat the more food than your hunger or requirement. You are in your thoughts or watching the television or talking to a friend or reading the newspaper or doing something else while eating the food. You take more or less food than the hunger. It will upset your stomach and your mind also. Just eat with full of awareness and it will increase your overall awareness.


  1. Do not make false claims of your power. Whenever you do this, you are making yourself weak. It is the thing which the coward people are doing. With this your self image will get hurt in future and you will have to the embarrassment. It will take much time to recover from that embarrassment and you lose much of your precious time and energy. So don’t make false claims of power.


  1. Just write your autobiography. It is also very good method of self awareness. When you are your autobiography, you will aware of the number of things and facts about yourself.


  1. Increase your knowledge and information. This time this age belongs to information and knowledge. In this information era, every kind of knowledge is on your fingure tip. Increase your horizons as per your desires and needs. it plays very important role in your growth. It will increase your self - awareness.


  1. Imagine the End. When you start any activity or action, just imagine the end of that activity. Then works on it, only then you can work in a direction. It will increase your self awareness to be in a direction.


  1. Change, Adjust and adopt. It is only you who is going to grow in a direction. You are a very small part of this universe. Don’t be so hard or rigid to change, adjust or adopt to the required skills, behaviour or system. Just imagine the end in your mind and change, adjust or adapt to the new skills, behaviour or system, which is required to achieve that end.


  1. Measure Twice and Cut Once. For anything in life to do, think twice and then decide. It is a Principle to flow. It will increase the self – awareness.


  1. Listen to the both ends before Judging. Whenever you to do a favor or un-favor to anybody or to any situation, listen to both the ends weighing the pros and cons. Because every party and situation explain its point, you must see and listen other party and opposite situation also. Then took a decision.


  1. Humor. A sense of humor is a virtue. Never be so serious that you will feel the burden of the situation. A sense of humor for himself and for others is big virtue.


  1. Selfishness is a virtue. Just be selfish towards your purpose and yourself. It is only you and your purpose. Everybody else is also the same. (Self and the purpose). Otherwise you will become the dependent. So be selfish towards the development of yourself and your purpose.


  1. Give breaks to yourself. To avoid the monotony and to see the things with a new insight. Just give breaks to yourself, as per recommendations, that three days after every three months. Just be totally free from the work in hand, and switch off the mobile and don’t access the email also.


  1. Don’t Be Critic to Anybody. It will create the enemies. It will never put anybody on the right track till date through out the history. Every doing his work, because he has a number of reasons, why he is doing so. So never be critic.


  1. Always focus on work should be done. Don’t worry who took the credit of work done, just made the work done. It application will come after a lot of self awareness, but it will increase the self awareness tremendously. Have you known about the Chankaiya?


  1. Let it. Don’t try to control the lives the lives of people at home or at work. Just make aware of the facts to everyone. Then let it to do, what they want to do. If they work for by themselves, they are the biggest assets to you and to your purpose. So only gave the directions, don’t be too much controlling, otherwise they will break and can be become obstacle, to you or to your purpose. It applies to himself also that when there is block in your mind, which does not allow your energy to flow towards your purpose, first let it to flow and let it happen what is going to happen. When you do this awake fully, you will free from that obstacle. So let it happen, what to happen, just aware.                                


  1. Pareto’s 80-20 rule. There is always a rule  in the life, society or everywhere in this world that a 80% people work and 20% earn, 80% of output is produced by the 20% of the input,80% of activity required the 20% of resources, 80% of usage is by 20% of the users, and like that. Be aware of the 80-20 rule of life. It will create the self – awareness.


  1. Enemy. Your enemies are very friends to you and you must focus on them, they always show your strengths to you without any buttering. They always criticize you - about your work, idea, system, or anything. Just take them positively for Self - Awareness.


  1. Procrastination. It is procrastination (aalas) is greatest enemy of a Person. Just make a habit of get – up within time. If you have this habit, nobody in this world could stop you. It is very important thing to acknowledge in life, and always follow the principle of Get – up within the time and this is really very important for self awareness.


  1.  Witnessing. It is one of the greatest method of self awareness, only the greatest, but also the oldest and the most powerful. Just witness yourself – your body, your mind, your emotions, your feelings. Just witnessing or watching you from a cliff top.


  1. Watch and feel the Dead Bodies and Death Beds of people you know or you do not know when they die and you have the chance to there. This will make you self aware for that time and internalize the felling.


  1. Watch the Just born babies of one day or one week. They are the pure forms of energy. Just focus on them and feel them very deeply and internalize that feeling. It will make you self aware.


  1. Whenever you meet to an Accident, it makes you self aware for a moment. It will show your real energy and the reality of the nature to you. This reality of yourself and nature is feeling of the real world, other than your imagined world. Try to grasp that feeling.


  1. Just sit in a scared place (if your religious natured person) and close your eyes and feel the sacredness of the place that will make you self aware. It will raise a question in you that who you are.  To answer that question you have to go inside. This very act creates self awareness.


  1. Your own Death makes you totally Self - Aware. But at that tome you don’t have much of its use. But makes utterly self aware. You know that what is the real and authentic. You feel all the foolishness of your life. You realize and remember all things you should do and you have not done.
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